MOPS Day Update: MOMCON 2015 Update

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Thanks to all that came to our MOPS Day Production of “The Hellen Show”.

Many of you asked about the songs, artists, books, websites, and authors that were talked about during the show. So we decided to share them online for you to access when you have some free time – hahahaha – Just kidding. We are moms. We have no free time. So without further ado…

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The band I Am They sang their hit song “From This Day” during the extended worship at MOMCON 2015. We used it as our intro song for our own hellen show, while the “host” Anita, I mean hellen, danced out to the stage. If you find yourself in a city where they are performing – you gotta check them out!


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Here’s a list of our first guest Stephanie’s favorites:

  1. JJ Heller – “Boat Song” When I am With You CD. I love every album of hers, so check her out on Pandora or You-Tube for free, first. It won’t be long before you want to have a CD too. She also has created the sweetest children’s book. Check them out on her website. She has her daughter reading one of them – so adorable!
  2. Margaret Feinberg – Author of “Fight Back With Joy”, “Wonderstruck”, “Scouting The Divine” and more. She was a fantastic speaker and one you will want to follow on Facebook.
  3. Annie Downs – Author of “Speak Love”, “Speak Love Revolution”, “Perfectly Unique”, and “Let’s All be Brave”. You can listen to her podcast and she is also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. Check out Stephanie’s WORDS scripture notes.


Commercial Break: In case you forgot or you missed the meeting, we can’t thank these girls enough for their comedic talents in the “Mom Jeans” commercial they recreated!

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Up next was Laura Hess and her favorites:

  1. Matt Maher – Let’s put aside the fact that I may or may not be a Matt Maher groupie or stalker… he’s played for 3 million people and 2 Popes. So he is worth taking a listen!  My favorite is “Lord How I Need You”.
  2. Jim & Lynne Jackson – Their website is, it has tons of free resources. I’m reading ‘Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart” and “How To Grow Connected Family With Contagious Love And Faith”, great books that can help you focus on your child’s strengths, so you can help them through the tough patches.
  3. Download a free 36-page eBook from Laura’s session, called, “Discipline that Connects” and learn about the four powerful messages all kids long to hear.
  4. Sign up to get notified when the next online “Discipline That Connects” course dates are open for registration (coming in Jan/Feb 2016).

Next commercial break we get to listen to something new from Matthew West. “I Feel Like A Women” hahaha! What a great sense of humor he has! Even our Mom Jeans gals got up and danced to this song.

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Our last guest was Meg Palmer, check out her favorites below:

  1. Matthew West – As you can see from the video above, he’s amazing. Even when singing a silly song for 2000+ moms.
  2. Raising Boys & Girls – Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan team together to give the in’s and out’s of best practices to raising our kids. Visit their website for more tips and tricks!
  3. Meg’s notes from Raising Boys and Girls.

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Thanks so much Anita, Meg, and Stephanie – you made Indianapolis an amazing experience.

Laura Hess
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